jBEAM 2024.1

Releasedate: Apr 2, 2024

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Exporter Dialogs with Multiselector Table

In most Exporter dialogs, the selection of data objects is now also possible via Multiselector Table. Even if there is a large number of sources and signals, they can be comfortably selected for the export. Various options for filtering and sorting are available.

New Function in Formula Editor

The new function xValue in the formula editors enables to calculate the x value at a defined index. Via an optional third parameter, it is also possible to select the x values of entire rows or columns in matrices or groups of channels.

Improvements in Visual Signal Editor

The workflows in the Visual Signal Editor have been significantly simplified and accelerated. The dialog now offers a selection of layouts tailored to the use cases, the curves are automatically drawn with markers if there is sufficient space, zooming is easier and the editing areas can also be created and modified more comfortably.

Universal Signal Filter FFT Preview

The Universal Signal Filter now offers to switch between time and frequency domain. This facilitates the selection of the best fitting filter as the effect of the current settings can be seen and estimated immediately.

Component Groups in Separate jBEAM Window

In order to edit component groups and templates more comfortable, they can now be opened in a separate jBEAM window. There, the contained components can be modified as usual without the need to dissolve the group or template. After completed modification, the new state is transferred to the original project while all input and output objects and their namings are retained.

Tables Enable Merging Cells Vertically

The various tables now allow to merge cells not only horizontally but also vertically. Within a column, a cell can be merged with the empty cells below. Tables can be designed more flexible, thus facilitating the transfer of whole layouts e.g. from Word to a jBEAM project.

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