Update on Ubuntu

This article describes how to update a MaDaM installation on the Ubuntu operating system



Before updating the system, please make sure that the Docker containers of MaDaM are shut down. Please change the directory to where your docker-compose.yml file is located (usually under /opt/madam/) and use the following command:

docker-compose stop

If you do not shut down either service, it may lead to corruption of the stored data throughout the updating process.


We highly recommend backing up the existing service files. This requires all data from Docker volumes or bind-mounts (Persistent data directories) as well as the configuration files

  • contained in directory config

  • docker-compose.yml

  • .env

to be backed up.

Update steps

When updating to a new version, Kistler will provide a package containing new binaries. Typically, this includes updated Docker images. They should be moved to the images directory of your installation as described in the MaDaM package structure. Typically, you can leave all your configuration files (docker-compose.yml, MDM-Configuration.json etc.) where they are and almost unchanged.

Usually it is enough to the replace the image version numbers within docker-compose.yml to match the newly provided images. e.g., xyz-backend: --> xyz-backend:2023.3.2.

You will be informed if there are new or changed configuration parameters and where they would need to be changed.

Finally, start all containers by loading the newly provided images as in the following commands (where xyz must be replaced by the individual prefix of your images) followed by a docker-compose up:

docker load -i images/xyz-backend-2023.3.2.tar.gz docker load -i images/xyz-webservice-2023.3.2.tar.gz docker load -i images/xyz-autoimporter-2023.3.2.tar.gz docker load -i images/xyz-frontend-2023.3.2.tar.gz docker-compose up –-force-recreate -d