jBEAM 2022.4

Releasedate: Feb 13, 2023

Explorer - Fast Page Navigation

Explorer: Fast Page Navigation

Middle click on a graphic window, page, component or one of its subcomponents now displays the corresponding graphic in its graphic frame. The behaviour is the same as with context menu entry "Show in graphic window".

New Signal Generator option “Hold extrema“

The Signal Generator has been extended by the option "Hold extrema" which allows to turn a Triangle or Sine function into a Trapezoid function with linear or sinusoi-dal transitions. The holding time for the extremes is definable relatively to the original period.

Component Templates

With a new option when saving component templates (ctf) one can state whether to "Save input data object references in component template" or not. If component templates without references are inserted in a jBEAM project, the input object configuration dialog is always opened. In case of component templates with references the dialog appears only if the references cannot be resolved.

Tektronix ISF Importer

This new importer enables to read the ISF file format which is used for transferring curves between PC and Tektronix oszilloscopes.

Formula Editors

In the formula editors, several functions for string operation has been added or enhanced. They allow subtraction of two strings and multiplication of string and integer.

"delete first e" – "e" = "dlete first e"
Show the @"Text" * 2@ twice = Show the TextText twice

Moreover, the new functions contains and replRegex improve searching and replacing operations.

Visual Signal Editor

The Visual Signal Editor has been extended by the Gaussian filter function. This filter smoothes a signal by convoluting it with the Gaussian function. The smoothing factor can be set in 3 grades.




Absolute Time -> relative Time

The conversion Abs.Time -> rel. Time now supports channel groups. This facilitates the processing of data imported e.g. via Datasource Manager.

Central Parameter Dialog

For several calcualtions, such as Counting Matrices Calculation, Rainflow and Visual Signal Editor, parameters can now be defined centrally in the Preferences. They will then be used as initial settings for new components.

Multiselector Matrix Selection

This new functionality of the component Grouping data objects facilitates the selection of data objects from several producers, such as importers/data sources. The producers are listed with their contained data objects in a table with selection fields.

See release notes as pdf version: