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Quickstart: jBEAM & Manual Importer

This section refers to errors that can be found within the console / log of the Quickstart application runner that appears after starting either jBEAM or the Manual Importer application.

The console of the Quickstart application runner

In general, many types of requests to MaDaM are authenticated with access tokens. These have an expiration date, which is in a lot of cases 24h after their creation. If the token expired, an error is reported on the next access. Following you'll find typical occasions in which this happens. 

Stale QSTART file

Users start jBEAM or the manual importer using Quickstart. On first start, a file with extension *.qstart will be downloaded and used to run the programs. The file includes access tokens among other information. Since the files stay on the file system, they are often reused to start e.g. jBEAM again after some days. The access tokens will then have expired which leads to the error described here.

The solution is to obtain a new QSTART file on each program start by clicking on the respective icons within MaDaM.

These messages all indicate, that there are either network connectivity issues or the access token used for the request has expired.

Possible network related issues are

  • the firewall blocks requests to the internet

  • the firewall blocks requests and/or ports to internal systems (such as MaDaM server)

  • the firewall filters requests for *.jar file downloads

Solutions are

  • to check all relevant ports (defaults are 8081, 3000, 2356, 4321 and 22350) and to monitor the firewall activity while performing the requests (e.g. starting jBEAM via Quickstart) and adjusting firewall settings.

  • to make sure that fresh *.qstart files are used when starting client applications

Regarding the Connection to jBEAM license server lost issue in particular, it typically lasts up to 5 minutes of a network disconnect until an exception is raised.

This category of errors can occur with multiple different URLs, e.g. with CeaCompontentList.txt or script.library. Moreover, error: endpoint.errors.unauthorized, parameters: null will be logged.

The reason for this is, that jBEAM tries to obtain some optional files from MaDaM on startup, but these files do not exist with the current installation.

The solution is to ignore these messages, unless you really need these optional files.


This message indicates that KiReporter (previously known as jBEAM webservice), that is responsible for creating reports server-side, is not running.

Solution: Restart the Windows- or Linux Apache Tomcat service or restart the according Docker container.

Moreover, it is recommended to contact the support desk and send the log files.