Videos in analyses

This article describes how to setup your computer for using videos to enhance your analysis projects with multi-media elements.


First, install GStreamer on your machine.

  1. Download GStreamer here and install it. The tested version is 1.20.3 MSVC 64 Bit. Make sure to choose additional features, depending on the videos you like to play (e.g. libav wrapper).

  2. Add the bin directory within the GStreamer installation to the operating systems Path environment variable, using the environment variable GSTREAMER_1_0_ROOT_MSVC_X86_64 that was created by the previous installation step.

    Environment variable created by GStreamer installation


    GStreamer environment variable with trailing bin directory in Path variable

  3. You might need to logout and in again to your user session to apply the changes to your environment variables.

Next, obtain the Java bindings for GStreamer required by jBEAM

  1. Download the library from Github. The tested release is v1.4.0

  2. Copy the JAR-file to C:\Users\<your_user>\AppData\Roaming\jBEAM\lib

  3. Start jBEAM and check the library state of GStreamer under Help->Resources/Library Usage

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